Thursday, June 18, 2015

Pale Male Attempts to Prepare Dinner for the Fledglings Part III

We last left Pale Male attempting to prepare a meal for the fledglings while being the intermittent  hostile focus of the resident Mocking Birds.

That is if you've read Parts I and or II.  If you haven't read both do scroll down and read what you haven't read yet first.
Which is still the case but  Pale suddenly focuses on the prey as if it had just moved, though it is decidedly dead.
 Then he leaps on it.  Misplaced hostility actually  directed toward the Mocking Birds?
 Or a little demonstration for them to show what could happen  if they keep it up?
 Or perhaps the carcass had just begin to slide off the tree trunk.
Pale works on it a little more with that handy nictitating eyelid in play.
 He looks around to see if the coast is clear.
Then flies it back up to the position in which he started.
 To business.
 Pale Male then flings himself back, prey in talons.
 And rights himself in an assertive stance..."Just try it"!
 Checks for rear action.
Then back to business.  I was beginning to wonder if he'd ever get enough non-hassled time to actually get this to the fledglings before dark.

And by the way, just where is Octavia?  I've not seen her yet today.  That always makes us worry.
 Pale keeps cleaning and Stella and I go up to the street to check if Medium is where we last saw him.
 And so he is.  Sitting and watching the constant New York City parade of Central Park and Fifth Avenue go by
 Pale Male has almost got the prey ready for fledgling food.
It appears that the Mocking Birds may now be back yet again.


 Pale Male takes the cue, spreads his wings, and heads into the Park.

 But circles back around and lands on Fifth Avenue.
 And so does his menacing Mocking Bird buddy!

The saga continues!

Happy Hawking 
Donegal Browne

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Karen Anne said...

Hopefully Olivia is in the trees somewhere, watching a fledgling. Less need to be on the nest with them all out of it?