Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Hamilton Central Park Hawk Report for 7/20 and 7/21 Plus Another Little Brown Bat Saga!

Stella Hamilton report for 7/20/2014   6:07 PM
This is the only picture I have of the hawks from today. Pale Male.  The babies were very quiet . I saw one baby  soaring over the east drive on 79 th street .
 I will try again tomorrow after work. 

And indeed Stella did go out again today and had much better luck.

               Hamilton report for 7/21/2014

7:03 PM  Fledgling on Backstop 6 of the Great Lawn. 
7:21 PM   Play ball! 

TANGENT- There is something about a ball that tends to attract the attention of the young of many species and sometimes the not so young as well.  Robin of Illinois sent in a video of a turtle and a dog playing ball.  And the turtle takes no prisoners...


              7:24 PM Back Stop 4
What did I say about balls?  Guess who has the best view of the ball game?  I remember one afternoon in Morningside Park when both of Isolde and Tristan's eyasses sat on the ball field fence side by side and watched the game for awhile.
               7:25PM Play ball.  
              Fixated on the ball yet again.  I love it.

  I came around the corner of the house to turn off the outside water spigot and hanging on the wall of the house was Little Brown Bat.  I made a bee line for the house and the camera.
2:11:06 PM  When I got back little bat had gone round the corner to the N wall and was climbing up the wall by way of the wisteria.
 2:11:13 PM  Little Bat leaves the wisteria for the brick.
 2:11:15 PM  He's moving far faster than the last time we saw him.
2:11:16 PM

2:11:18 PM  He's really climbing quite fast now.  But why is he out and so exposed in the daytime in the first place? 

2:11:23 PM  It looks like he's heading for the eaves of the house which makes sense.  There will be shade there most of the day.
2:11:35 PM  Still putting forth a yeoman's effort.

2:12:01 PM  Almost to the eaves!

Blogger doesn't want to take anymore photos on this post so stay tuned for The Mystery Of Little Brown Bat.

 Next post!

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