Sunday, July 13, 2014

Stella Hamilton's Pale Male Fledgling Report and Part 3 of Sick Little Brown Bat

6:52PM  Beauty mark on chest.
 Now isn't that fascinating a single dark brown feather?  Great ID mark if it remains.
6:55PM  Foraging along Fifth Avenue.

Is that the same dark spot on the chest?  Is it a dent, a dark feather, or part of lunch?
6:58PM  More grub

7:55PM  Pale Male roosts on Jackie Os
7:57PM  More Pale Male 

Part 3 of Sick Little Brown Bat

1:11 PM  When last we saw Little Brown Bat he'd disappeared off the top of the bird house and then reappeared head first from behind the bird house.  Now he's shifting so his head is down.
1:11:38PM He's scrabbling with his right foot attempting to get purchase on the wood.  He seems to be feeling much better after water and food.  I begin to wonder if with the trees missing from the storm reducing the shade exponentially and my inadvertent pulling of the weeds in the flower bed whether little bat is getting too hot in his roost these days.

 1:15 PM Then he looks to be itching his side with the other foot and gets a lower position for that foot.
1:16 PM Then bat appears to be sleeping.

5:39 PM Four hours later and he's still sleeping and he hasn't crawled onto the bird house looking unwell.  Water and food available.
5:40PM  Did he shift a little?
5:57PM  I bring him a piece of orange in case he likes fruit and he's lowered himself down behind the house.
 6:04 PM He appears to be even lower.
6:15PM  I continue to monitor but he remains asleep.

6:16PM Ruby-throated Hummingbird arrives and sits on a branch.
 His head shifts slightly.  He's watching something.
Yup.  And he's watching something that flies.
And off it goes to the south.

6:33PM  He's still sleeping peacefully.
7:26PM  He's still there napping.  I suspect he'll fly out at about 9PM.  
8:11PM  See the dark spot?  He's still there.

9:03PM  Too dark now for pictures.  He's still  sleeping

10:00PM  Can't see if he is there or not.

Morning....he's gone!  

Well he did fly out and I suspect that now that he feels better he's chosen a new more hospitable roost.

Bon voyage Little Brown Bat!  Take care of yourself!

Donegal Browne

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