Friday, June 13, 2014

Quicksilver the African Grey Parrot Renovates a Different Metal Cabinet...sigh

As is usual with Quicksilver's unique adventures in cabinetry...I heard a clang and a bang.  I knew where to go.  

The laundry room.

And he'd really done it this time because this cabinet had loads of cardboard in it's various incarnations plus some rubber gloves.  A definite chewy favorite.
I then get face.  I realize, I really don't. 

You truly can't reason with a parrot in a cabinet.
 He then leans down and grabs the inner edge of the cabinet door and gives it a pull.  I get some satisfaction that he can't totally dis me by closing the door.  He's got two much chewed stuff in the floor for the door to close.

I resist the urge to go ...Nahhh, na na Nahhh Na!

I make a move to go over and start picking up some of the trash on the floor.

That would be a big fat NO, in Silvers mind.  He leans over and looks at my hand with juicy thoughts.

Okaaaaay.  I back down. No picking up of anything at the moment.

Silver cocks his head and gives me the positive reinforcement of a kissy noise.  It is then I realize he's looks very tired and likely wants to take a nap.

I say, "Nap?"  He says," Nap".

"Okay, take a nap." 

I turn and start to go and Silver says, "Bye, See you later."

"Have a good sleep.  See you later."


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