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Stella Hamilton Reports on Pale Male's Nest and the Sheep Meadow Red-tailed Hawk Nest With Hints on How To Get There!

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                  Octavia is left and Pale Male is right.

 An on the spot report,  from longtime hawkwatcher Stella Hamilton-- Stella was also, let me add,  a stalwart protester back in 2004 during the days before Pale Male and Lola were allowed to rebuild their nest on 927 Fifth Avenue.

It's Thursday , 4/24 /14 , 4:30 pm . Windy but gorgeous day . Pale Male is soaring , while Octavia stands in the middle of the nest . I feel she wants to stretch a bit . Did not bring Stellascope today, so can't see if babies are walking about yet . Lots of meat pulling and feeding observed mid nest today.  It was to the left and right of nest  last Sunday .

P.S. I also spoke to Stella on the phone.  She thinks from the feeding patterns she's observed, that the Fifth Avenue nest may hold three eyasses this year.

After checking out Pale Male and Octavia's nest, Stella then took the short walk down to the Sheep Meadow Red-tailed Hawk nest.
Photo by Stella Hamilton  4:50PM  4/24/2014
See the nest in the crouch of the tree?  Stella reports that the nest is about 30 feet from the ground and the current hawk in residence is Mom.  While Stella was watching Dad arrived with dinner for Mom, prey not immediately recognizable, and they switched.  Mom flew off to eat and Dad kept the nest warm.

For those who would rather find the Sheep Meadow nest without asking around too much, here is Stella  Hamilton's clarification to the usual directions.  Often if one asks where this nest is, one is told...near the volley ball court.  

Well... as it turns out there are two volley ball courts.
There is a concrete court and a sand volley ball court.  The nest is near the concrete court which is painted green and has no net across it so some don't even realize it is a volley ball court-- which adds to the general confusion.  If there are no obvious hawkwatchers gawking up a tree,  Stella advises sitting in one of the benches at this court, then scanning  the trees,  and you will spot the nest.

Happy Hawking!
Donegal Browne

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