Thursday, April 03, 2014

Quicksilver the African Grey Parrot and Squirrel the Cat with a Cameo From Tig the Basenji Part 2

This is where we left off.  Quicksilver and Squirrel pretending they are completely ignoring each other and investigating the trunk.  Though upon thought perhaps Silver is actually checking the trunk as he's been investigating just about any cavity type of space as a possible nesting place.

Silver might have been investigating the trunk, but when Squirrel hops out and starts coming his way he's alert to the change.
Tig the Basenji comes in, nudges the cat and Silver says loud and repeatedly  "Bad dog."  "BAD DOG!", until Tig leaves.
Silver then calls, "Kittykittykittykittykittykitty", until Squirrel comes back.
Squirrel saunters further in and snuffs the trunk.
I tell Squirrel to stop.  Silver gives me the "why" look.  (Sigh)
Knock it off guys.
Squirrel decides he was actually sniffing the rug waiting to go into the washer.  Silver gives me "the what" look.
Squirrel crouches and Silver monitors whether they are likely to get into trouble.
Squirrel's tail begins to tic and Silver whets his beak on the trunk.

DRAT!  Blogger won't load the last few photos so off I go to start a new page.

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