Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Francois Portmann's Thompson's Square Park Red-tails Report plus What Other Formel Does Octavia Look Like?

Photograph courtesy of Francois Portmann
                               Sunday Morning

Just in from Francois Portmann, a  gorgeous shot of the Thompkin's Square Park Red-tails. 
(I just love it when the tiercel stares fixedly at the eggs.)

Francois reports that the female is on the left.  And as a field mark for Dora, take note that one of her center tail feathers is so pale as to be almost white.

Chris is on the right,  is smaller of course, and lighter colored.  In comparison to the formel, at least in this shot, he looks like he might be one of the quick males like Pale Male or Pale Male Jr.

 Francois reports:

There is a  storm right now in the tri-state, heavy rain, wind gusts in the 30+ knots and dropping to freezing temp overnite, tough time on the nest... 

 Keep your fingers crossed for them and for all the other nesting birds as well For those who have nests near by, you may want to check in on them tomorrow morning just in case someone needs help.  It sounds like the kind of night where gusts could cause a building collision and a possible broken wing.

 Photo courtesy of
Do you think that Octavia looks similar in some ways to another formel in NYC?  Not so much her coloring perhaps but her head structure and, well ....her eyes in particular.

Happy Hawking!
Donegal Browne