Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Divine Isolde at St. John's and Arthur and Guinevere Red-tailed Hawks

Arthur, and Guinevere with a vole or a mole, give me the eye
I'd seen Guin fly into this dead tree and stopped the car, when suddenly Arthur hot winged it from across the field so they both could stare at me.
Arthur then looked up the road while Guinevere kept an eye on me.
Then I made The Mistake...I turned off the engine of the car.

Now it could have been whatever Arthur saw up the road but somehow the timing was too was my cutting the car engine.

(Note that the hawk on the right has the thicker "ankles".) 
Note that Guinevere, like any experienced thrifty Red-tail did not drop her dinner upon taking off.

Notice they changed sides.  Guin is now up left and Arther is down right.
And they then widen away from me so that a predator would have more difficulty keeping track of both hawks.  They make me choose to watch one or the other.

As she is more visible from my view, I choose Guin, and loose sight of Arther.
Then completely unintentionally I look over to try and find Arthur, don't see him, and when I look back...

As blogger is dropping photos, we'll leave Arthur and Guinevere here for the moment.

Photo courtesy of Rob Schmunk
The beautiful Isolde on the nest behind St. Andrew's elbow at The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine.  

For more on Isolde and this nest, check out Rob Schmunk's blog-

Happy Hawking!
Donegal Browne

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