Sunday, March 23, 2014

T2 the Valiant Tiercel Who Flew In To Help Raise Franklin Mom's Eyasses Mid-Season When Her Mate Died Two Seasons Ago Has Now Passed Himself

T2 Photo courtesy of Dinko Mitic  


We heard the saddest news today. Earlier this week, Amtrak workers in the train yards near 30th Street station found a dead hawk on the tracks. Because T2 has not been seen since last Sunday, it seems highly likely that this hawk was T2. 

It is easy to imagine that he was on a fast hunting run, eyes totally focused on his prey, flying low over the tracks just as a train was coming. This is how Dad was hit by a truck two years ago on the 30th Street off-ramp.

T2  shall be sorely missed.

Parasitism of Crow Nests by Cuckoos Can Be Helpful for Crow Families???

I've always found the parasitism of nests pretty depressing actually but.... 
Robin of Illinois sent in a fascinating factoid from The Times of London, in which scientists, after a 16 year study, found that Crow families whose nests are parasitized by Cuckoos have a better chance of survival.

 Seems rather counter intuitive doesn't it?

  But as it turns out Cuckoo chicks let off a nasty rotten meat smell when threatened which may keep the nest safe from marauders such as cats.

Who knew? 

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