Friday, February 14, 2014

Pale Male and Octavia Take a Moment to Nearly Snuggle While Watching Their World Go By


Pale Male, right, and Octavia, left, sit companionably on one of the Carlyle's peak lights after copulating

They look like they are sitting close enough together that their feathers might brush against each other every now and again too.   My, my.

Just the fact that they are sitting this close, and side by side facing in the same direction isn't terribly common in Red-tailed Hawks.  Though if they share that particular perch there isn't all that much room for the usual foot width of space.  Our English foot not their feet, if you understand what I mean.

More often than not, Pale Male and his Mate often do sit near each other  for a few minutes after copulation.  But ordinarily they sit with with their fronts in opposite directions.  My thought has always been it is an automatic defensive stance of pairs...just in case.

I give you that there isn't a lot of space on that light fixture to be further apart and sitting on it in opposite directions might mean someone wouldn't have much of a place to grip but still.  Perhaps the fact that the roof is protecting their backs to some extent makes a difference as well.

Ah, look carefully at where they are looking.

Intead of looking toward their open sides for possible intruders or other trouble, they are looking across their mate's body.  Therefore not neglecting to keep an eye on the area right in front of them from a possible frontal assault.

I do love Red-tailed Hawks!

Happy Hawking!
Donegal Browne

Stay tuned! More on the Indian Ford Bald Eagles tomorrow.

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