Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pale Male and Octavia Back on the Nest! Comparative Nesting Behavior- Einstein and Quicksilver

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Octavia (left) and Pale Male (right) on the nest of 927 Fifth Avenue as if there had never been scaffolding.    They are the epitome of  adaptive urban Red-tailed Hawks.

And look at the nice full crops on those hawks.
This photograph was taken on Saturday.  I also had reports from hawkwatchers on Friday that both hawks had been seen on the nest as well.

Remember when Silver was excavating the old chest of drawers for a nesting cavity.  And when he also kept opening the kitchen cupboard doors, dumping things out so I had to tie them shut?  And he tended to do all this in secret?

Well, I ran across another example of similar cavity prep on youtube in an African Grey called Einstein.  

Note the parrot only goes in and out when the human isn't looking.  You hide your nest site.  Also when the owner comes back in the kitchen and is talking all sweetie pie to the parrot, Einstein stands on the drawer with slightly ruffled feathers, pacing, turning a little and has a special look in her eye. 

I suspect that if the woman had attempted to get Einstein on her hand at that moment she would possibly have had her hand nabbed.

Grey's working on their cavities get quite defensive of the area.

From Robin of Illinois and Jackie of Tulsa--

From Jackie: (Would that publicity could reverse ALL the stupid ideas out there.)
Happy Hawking!

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