Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Franklin Institute Update, the Rare Wood Rail in New Mexico, Maynard the Crow, and Hawk Watcher Ed Quinn

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So far so good for  Pale Male's fledglings this season.

Many thanks to Linda Maslin for sending a link with details of the Franklin Institute fledgling situation. 
The third one is in rehab
  In from Robin of Illinois....exceedingly rare bird sighted for first time in U.S.

And more sad news on the hawk watcher front.  Many will remember "Ed and Dolly"  Quinn, an older hawk watching couple with more spunk than many people half their age. I just received news from Stella Hamilton that Ed Quinn has also passed away.

And last but not least, news concerning Maynard the young crow.  It was raining cats and dogs so I didn't take my camera with me, but late this afternoon, I heard the two caw response to a three caw callPlus the two caw call was higher pitched than the three Caw.  

Something I've learned of late is that fledgling Crows have a higher pitched call than the adults.

I took off in the direction of the calls.  The first stop may well have been the Walnut tree in which the Crows nested.  An adult Crow was at the tip top of the tree calling.  I looked up and there was a big nest, crow sized, above my head.  The fledgling then arrived in the tree and both birds took off.  After tracking them through several stops, I got a good look at the juvenile and due to two "warts" on the eye lid of the youngster I could identify it as Maynard!

Will wonders never cease, Maynard has actually managed to start flying.   Thank goodness I'm immensely relieved.  I'm sure his parents are even more so!

Happy Hawking!
Donegal Browne

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