Monday, March 25, 2013


Franklin Mom sits on her first egg of the season, with a piece of prey, previously brought by T2.

As most of you will remember,  Franklin Dad, was killed by a car last year, leaving Franklin Mom with young eyasses on the nest,  As was done when Intrepid, the Riverside Mom lost her mate to poison, humans pitched in and left food for the Moms in both cases.  But wonder of wonders at the Franklin Institute nest, suddenly a tiercel, now named T2, appeared and began to bring food to Franklin Mom, then to the nest, and THEN began to feed the eyasses himself.

There was no question that he was the man, or should we say hawk of the hour, and was bonded to the Franklin female.  And now after pitching in, Franklin Mom has just laid the first egg fathered by T2 on the Franklin nest.  Jubilation!

Just in from Linda Maslin of Blue Bell, PA
Hi Donna,
Just wanted to  let you know the big news – First egg laid at Franklin Institute hawk nest!!  And John Blakeman was on the chat when it happened and called it!!

Evidentally T2 decided that his mate wasn't interested in the tasty treat he'd left, because he just flew in, picked up, and left with it. :)

Congratulations all!!

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