Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Wednesday Miscellany-HawkCam of Big Red and Ezra Redtail, John Blakeman, and If Animals Would Eat Fast Food!

 Photo Donegal Browne
Back when the nest was much smaller Pale Male considers renovations.

 As there is no hawk cam to watch as yet from Washington Square Park, the Cornell Lab has a nice one of the nest of Big Red and Ezra.


Check out "Red-tails in Love" author Marie Winn's Nature News posting for February 20th, concerning a letter she received from a gentleman who had a  Red-tail standing on his  car roof staring at him as he opened the door and got in.  And John Blakeman's response as to why the hawk might just be acting in that manner.

In from Samantha of Brandeis--
If Animals Would Eat Fast Food
(I found this very funny.)

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