Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Quicksilver Bathes in the Cat Bowl

As I mentioned previously I've been down with the flu.  And like all inventive pets the Terrifying Trio of Bad Pets, Quicksilver, Squirrel the kitten, and yes, I'm currently dog sitting Tig the Basinji, (Pyewacket being the only animal currently in the Good Pet category), have been running amuck.

Therefore it was no real surprise that, this morning I struggled out of a decongestant haze, attempting to identify what the sound of splashing and the tink, tink of metal meant.

It meant dear readers that Quicksilver the African Grey Parrot was bathing in the cat's water bowl.
And Silver was in the full throes of bathing frenzy and having a darn good time!

A little tink, tink, tippey toe action before the next plunge. 


Note that Silver has "red eye" from the flash similar to what happens on occasion with human eyes.  Dogs and Cats tend to go green.

Why the different colors? I've no idea.  Any EYE folks out there?

I crawl out of bed to retrieve him but from the new angle....
I realize there is something different going on all together.  I'm not the only observer.  (Besides the fact that all the splashed water is going to turn the errant litter into congealed mud.)

Squirrel is biding his time...and I've currently run out of steam.

More to Come....



Anonymous said...

Gee Squirrel biding his time makes me a little nervous but Silver looks confident! Betty Jo

Donegal Browne said...

Silver is supremely confident unfortunately but so far so good. If Squirrel heads for him, Silver yells NO! in English which takes even Squirrel rather aback...at least so far. :0