Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Jeffrey Johnson's Observations Unpublished Before His Death-- Continued


                         IN MEMORIAM

May Jeffrey Johnson's spirit be lifted on the wings of  birds and carried softly with good grace into the Light.

Photos and commentary in italics by Jeffrey Johnson
Un-italicized commentary is mine.

Striking into the Park from 85th and 5th Avenue I went directly to CPW and checked the Beresford towers and the 241 Building looking for Red-tails with no joy. Metadata time 1801.
Going across The Great Lawn I cane upon Pale Male surrounded by admirers just to the west of  Cleopatra's Needle. Metadata time 1818.
Pale Male having dinner near Cleopatra's Needle. Metadata time 1819.
 Pale Male close. Metadata time 1820.
Pale Male pauses in a ray of late day sunlight. Metadata time 1823.
Keep in mind that Pale is currently awash with people on the ground looking at him.  But being the original human habituated urban Red-tailed Hawk he isn't the least bothered and in fact is going about his Red-tail business completely unfazed by the attention.  

In fact he often hunts quite successfully in full view of the crowd.  The prey in Central Park rather tends toward the human habituated themselves or they wouldn't make much of a living.
Pale Male tree scene from the NNW. Metadata time 1825.
 Pale Male lustily enjoying his catch. Metadata time 1829.
 Pale Male launching to the NW. Metadata time 1832.
 Pale Male briefly lands in a tree to the NW. Metadata time 1833.
 Pale Male flew to an adjacent tree and moments later dove off to the NE. Metadata time 1835.
Had to depart scene without seeing Zena again.
Thus ends Jeff's observations for August  12th with a look of the end of Pale Male's tail feathers. 

More to come...

Donegal Browne


Sally said...

Thank you for posting Donna

Donegal Browne said...

You're welcome Sally.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting that beautiful picture in honor of Jeff's dedication and love of the hawks.

His love for them certainly showed through in his words and pictures, you were a good friend to him.

He had signed my petition (to rid poison out of the parks) and his comment was " How sad".

And that is my comment also.."How sad"!!



Kiki said...

Humans are such a combination of good and evil. I think of Othello's lament "oh, the pity of it".

Donegal Browne said...