Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tuesday with a Fifth Avenue Fledgling and More Concerning the Goose Round-up

Photos and commentary in italics by Jeff Johnson.  Un-italized commentary is mine.

Got into the Park for an hour today...sending this to let you know what I saw…not worth your effort to post. 

Fledgling (upper left corner) spotted In front of Glade Arch. Camera facing SSE. Metadata time 1514.

Not to worry, a sighting is always worth posting, for those of us following the progress of the Fifth Avenue fledglings.  It also documents where and when this particular fledgling was seen.  Information which might be helpful in any number of circumstances down the road.

Fledgling in front of Glade Arch close. It looks to be the striped belly female and she's not begging. Metadata time 1514.
 Took wing going due north . Metadata time 1515.

 Fledgling flew into a tree at north end of Dog Hill opposite Glade Arch. Metadata time 1515.
 Looked north from perch (thirty feet up) in direction of 79th Street and MET grounds. Metadata time 1516.

927 Nest check from Sailboat Pond. No one is visible. No one seen soaring.  Metadata time 1529.

Female Striped Belly fledgling has returned Glade Arch trees. Still not begging. What appears to be a gumball size crop was a trick of light. Metadata time 1543.
 Flits to another branch and preens while keeping lookout to north. Metadata time 1551

 Preening left a temporary feather gap in her chest. No gum ball sized crop here. Metadata time 1552

Had to depart scene. Mottled chest female was also seen, but every frame is very poor quality.
Jeff would you say that the Cafe Duo are still hanging out together?
And many thanks for all your work.

Longtime reader and blog contributor  Diane D'Arcy took action regarding the USDA Canada Goose Kill.

Hi Donna:

I could never watch the roundup but I do hope the dear senator viewed it in person.  I called her Congressional Office and registered my disgust.

Best, Diane

Good for you Diane.

  Now lets talk about possibly using the phone number Diane included.  Many of you know the following but perhaps some are new to taking action therefore---

A Reminder- Though the goose "round up" is a completely upsetting horrid inhumane practice, when and if you decide to register your thoughts and disgust by calling, remember this elected official isn't thinking much further than hearing unenlightened people complain about "goose poop" and "too many geese" in their park, their yard, their dock, wherever.  

Get your points together in your mind.  

 Do try for civility.   Because if you flip out, you'll be discounted as "just one of those idiot overly emotional nature nuts", who probably can't find your way to the voting booth. 

Remember you're speaking to a politician.  Let them know you are a registered voter, you do vote, and policies like this could be or are a deal breaker for you.  

For instance, I'm told that the National Rifle Association gives all Democrats an F.  Which is making some Democrats, in a bid for the votes of the outdoorsy who hunt responsibly (and believe propaganda that all Democrats are rabidly anti-gun of all kinds) support all manner of things, including the Goose Roundup/slaughter, in a bid for votes.

I don't hunt, wild animals have enough problems without me shooting at them, nor do I eat them, but there are many hunters, who know wildlife intimately and respect them, who find this USDA debacle as horrid as many of us do.  Their voices are needed to get this stopped as well.

Okay, you'll likely be speaking to a machine or a receptionist, or an assistant.  But anyone, even the person who gets it second hand off the machine, can be enlightened.  Too many offices are filled with people who mirror each others opinions.

 The bottom line is to try and educate, to change minds and hearts.  I know, I know, what could they possibly be THINKING.  The answer?  They aren't thinking or being empathetic either.  

Our job is to try to get them thinking and feeling but not make them decide we're all nut cases to which no one could possibly listen as we're all CRAZY.  Not so of course, but nobody wants somebody telling them how clueless and evil and WRONG they are.  They'll turn off.

Think Jane Goodall.  She is invariably polite.  She gently explains her thoughts, reveals her love of other creatures, her sadness with the situation and suggests a better course.  She has converted many to more enlightened thinking and action. 

 The phone number is 202-224-4451

And there are others who need to be contacted depending on your area, as well.

Happy Hawking (and goose-ing)

Donegal Browne

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