Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Photo courtesy of http:www.palemale.com/
Hopping and flapping is well under way on Fifth Avenue!  Their is one off and one on at Pale Male and Zena's nest.

And the NYC Raptors Group, a congregation of many of the major hawkwatchers,  bloggists, the Horvaths, and more rehabbers in NYC, has already been extremely busy tracking and sometimes rescuing this season's fledglings.

It started out because citizens who'd come across a raptor in distress would sometimes leave a message on NYC Audubon's phone after hours, sometimes they'd email one of the bloggists, or attempt to find a hawkwatcher in Central Park.  And through no fault of anyone, the message wasn't always gotten to someone who could help in a timely manner. 

Now when word comes into any of the above, that at hawk is down, a fledgling is in a dangerous place, there are kestrel fledglings running around on a sidewalk, a Red-tail stranded, the person contacted puts the word out electronically to the raptors group and whoever is closest, capable of dealing with the problem and available takes off to help, often seconded by others if necessary. 


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