Saturday, May 26, 2012

Multi-fledgling Day and a Catbird Besides

There was a tail flick in the corner of my eye.  It's a Grey Catbird, Dumetella carolinensis, standing on the Big Nest.  Ordinarily a bit shy in the yard,  this species only makes very rare appearances.  Then flick, he's gone again.

 I scan for him, and who should be in the middle of the nest blending into the wood, but a fledgling pair of Mourning Doves.  Could they be Doorstep Dove and Friend's first batch of the season?

  Flick! Then Catbird is back. (Check out his chestnut red underwear.) Ahhhh, he's here for the clementine!  He grabs it and FLICK, he's gone again. 

 The young doves don't seem to be in much of a rush.  Left stretches. Right is alert.   Waiting for the next arrival of regurgitated food from a parent?

She's currently a bit gawky.  She has a little trouble turning on the "perch".  Check out her fledgling plumage.  Young dove has more camouflaged.  There are more dark spots and highly contrasting light edges to the posterior feathers than adults.

Into the fray comes two Grackle fledglings.  A foraging Robin strides between the Grackle parent and his progeny.  The fledglings veer off and follow the Robin.  Grackle parent turns around and sees his young striding off with someone else.  Robin looks around, sees he's being shadowed by strangers and walks faster.  

Apparently these young grackles will follow anybody and they begin to scramble faster after Robin.  Grackle intersects the Robin/Fledgling trajectory and jumps at Robin.  Confused Robin taking the better course of valor, takes to his wings. 

Having computer problems--More to come!

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