Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Night Mothering Red-tailed Hawk Style, Pale Male Feeds Zena, and the Central Park Fire

 Mama of the Briarwood nest snuggles closer and preens a restless eyass then scrutinizes her activity.  Then dozes.  
Current temperature in NYC is 68 F and  wind 11MPH.

 Mama sleeps into sleep again and the little ones continue to wiggle.  Though her eyes open periodically checking on them.  By 2:40AM Mama had snuggled the eyasses up in her brood patch.                       

 Rosie sleeps perched on the lip of the nest, while her eyasses sleep head to tail in the bowl of the nest. By 2:45 Rosie has slightly changed position on the lip and has one foot tucked.

  Pale Male delivers a pigeon to Zena.   palemale.com
                                    Central Park Fire Photos by Stella Hamilton
Long time Hawk Watcher Stella Hamilton was on the spot for the Central Park Fire--

Dear Donna,
 I just thought I'd forward some pictures of the mulch  fire yesterday afternoon in Central Park , behind the Conservatory Garden on 5th and 105th street. I took them with my cell phone so I'm sending them one at a time. There was a red tailed hawk who was present that afternoon who seemed to be interested in the goings on in the park, sat a while closely on a barren tree above the smoke. Sorry I was not able to photograph it, but I did take a shot of it after it had left and caught a pigeon a few yards from the fire. The area behind the Conservancy must be the place where the trees go after they have been cut down.

Talk to you later.

Later word suggested that there was a "controlled burn" that got out of control and set the mountain of mulch afire and could conceivably have burned Central Park and environs had it not been controlled by the NYFD.

 The Red-tail that watched the proceedings takes time out for dinner.

Donegal Browne

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