Thursday, April 26, 2012

FLASH!!! Lincoln Karim's Companion on the Evening He Was Arrested Has Her Day In Court

As many of you may remember, when Lincoln Karim was arrested for the possession of Ginger Lima's remains, another longtime hawkwatcher was with him.  (We'll call her Ms. H for hawkwatcher.).  As you will also remember the charges against Mr. Karim were later dismissed by the court.  As Ms. H had  held the rat poisoned Ginger Lima momentarily on the evening in question the DEC felt she was implicated in something illegal. She was given a summons.

Today was Ms. H's day in court.  The judge after hearing that Ms. H had held Ginger Lima's body briefly on the evening in question asked, What did she do that was illegal? Did she kill the hawk?  No?  Then what?

As the DEC had no answer as to exactly what Ms. H. had done illegally, all charges against her were dismissed as well.


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sally said...

Wonderful. Sad that they were harassed at all!