Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Who, What, Where, When Miscellany

WHO is that in the blurry photo late in the day?  And is that a notch in his tail?
WHO has a heavy black eye stripe?
And heavy streaks.
WHAT is that in the tree?
"WHAT" is a paper hornet nest.
WHERE?  Rosie sits her nest on the Bobst Library overlooking Washington Square Park.  My next question is why are her hackles raised?
WHEN was this nest made?  Is it last year's nest, or this year's nest?  And beyond that whose nest is it anyway?
And WHY is this male mallard leaving all the other ducks behind in the pond and flapping off on his own?   
         Could it be the sheer joy of flying on a beautiful day?


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Karen Anne said...

Any chance of one post per page? I have a cable connection, but it takes a long time to load a page that has multiple posts, and once it's loaded, it's hard to scroll since the scroll gizmo is tiny...Thanks...