Monday, October 31, 2011

Red Tail Hawk incident at Broadway and W 56th

Hi Donegal,

I was at the northwest corner of Broadway and W 56th yesterday (Friday, D.B.) afternoon at approx 2:20 pm. I witnessed a red tail hawk crash into the plate glass window of the building at about the 4th or 5th floor. It fell to my feet on the sidewalk. I was the only person who saw the incident happen. Others gathered around the stunned bird. I went into the building to ask the desk attendant to call the police so that perhaps a Parks Dept person, etc could respond. no one came.

In about ten minutes the bird gathered itself together and flew off. I was walking away by then as I had a business apptt, but I did see it rise up to another building in Broadway.

I have two photos I can share with you if you would like.

If you would like the images, let me know, and if the images are of interest to others, let me know

Regards, Steve Banks, Rockville Centre NY


Thank you for the update and please do send on the images. Did you happen to notice if the hawk had an adult's red tail or a juvenile's brown one?
Best, D


Karen Anne said...

I am thinking, given what I've read about the Parks Dept., that if I were in NYC and found an injured bird, I would call a wildlife rescue group/person, Bobby Horvath if I had his phone number.

sally said...

Donna! So glad to see you are back...been very worried. How are the M's?

Donegal Browne said...

Hi Sally,
In answer as to how the M's are, I can't find them currently. That doesn't mean anything is wrong at all as with all the private property here they could just be over the next rise and I wouldn't be able to track them.

Once again they did not use the nesting site in the oak of a few years ago so likely have shifted their main hunting grounds and headquarters to a less visible or area completely invisible from the road. And to be honest I'm not on that road nearly as often as I used to be so less chances to spot them. I'll keep looking though, I would like to know what they're up to.