Friday, August 12, 2011

More News on Pale Male and Ginger Lima's Fledglings!

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From James O'Brien,
Took a trip to see the 5th ave. hawks from 12-2pm (Today, Friday the 12th. D.B.), here's what was observed:

The sick bird is the smaller, less active of the two juveniles. It also has a white bib, while its sister has that distinctive orange coloring on bib. According to hawk watchers, the bird was last fed yesterday morning. As of today, the bird had empty crop and was exhibiting behavior consistent with frounce such as listlessness, prolonged right eye closing, wing drooping and that hunkered down body language; although some did say it looked better than the day before. Bird is still capable of powered, controlled flight and was flying to various trees across
Cedar Hill, occasionally begging. The watchers on site would remain to observe and report if there were any changes for the better or worse and if it accepts food from parents at feeding time. I also shared this group with a few of them in an attempt to get all parties on the same page.



PS if you are coming to the site by train, major delays on the A,B,C,D and 4 lines due to a water main break at Yankee Stadium...take a bus if possible.

Next, I just got a call from Hawk Watcher Stella Hamilton who is currently on the spot. One of the Horvath's rehabbing associates came to check on the fledglings. It appears that Number 1 besides the listless behavior has a drooping wing. This is the fledgling which some days ago became very quiet and wasn't behaving normally when it came to activity. She is still flying and did steal some food from the other sibling. So may now be eating we hope.

More news as it comes in!

Donegal Browne

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Sally said...

From recent post on Lincoln's site it sounds as if the eyass is doing better. I was wondering about the wing droop but even Pale droops when he is hot so...I hope it is recovering on its own and the worry was for naught! :)
I remember one time I came across a young RT in a field, walked right up to it, knew something must be wrong for me to be able to reach down and pick it up, was just starving with a parasite load so rehab fed it up and treated the parasites and it was gone in a couple of weeks!