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Pale Male Gets to Tend the Nest, the Divines, and Good News for Pale Male and Ginger Lima From 927 Fifth Avenue

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As Central Park Hawkwatcher, Kathering Herzog mentioned, Ginger Lima is so attentive to the eyasses that Pale Male hasn't had much of a chance to tend the nest. In fact at times, Pale Male barely has a chance to catch his breath after a flight up with prey before Ginger is eying him to vacate the premises.

Pale Male does very much like to have his private tending time with eggs and eyasses. It was hot up there today and Ginger Lima decided to take a break.

Pale Male looks at the eyeasses and can hardly wait to sit on them.

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Unfortuanately for Pale, it is hot up there and the eyasses appear not to want to be sat upon at the moment.

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But being a dad of long experience, Pale Male bows to their wishes and backs off. Besides you can tell he loves just watching them at close range anyway.

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Rob Schmunk managed to catch all three of the young Divines, at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine nest in view at the same time. In this shot not all are showing their faces but there are more images of the fiesty threesome on his site.

Though she's taking care of three eyasses, Isolde is looking in fine fettle and doesn't appear as worn out with the trials of three eyasses and herself beyond St. Andrew's elbow as she has in past seasons by this point.

And the Good News from 927--
Sandy Fiebelkorn, a contact from NYC Audubon, has received the news that in deference to Pale Male and Ginger Lima's late hatch this season, the building will be putting off all window washing and facade work on 927 until August, after the eyasses fledge.

NYC hawk watcher, Mitch Nusbaum managed to sight an uncommon Merlin today by hearing the call and then locating it's perch.

And don't forget to email or snail mail the Honorable Adrian Benepe, Commissioner of NYC Parks, about the removal of rat bait boxes and the banning of stuffing burrows with poison in Pale Male and the other resident hawks territories! Addresses at the end of the next post down.

Happy hawking!

Donegal Browne

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