Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Latest Update on Riverside Park Rat Poison!

Contributor Karen Anne Kolling got hot on the job and emailed the possible purveyors of rat poison at Riverside Park. Here's what she said--

Hi Donna,

Below is an email I got from the Boat Basin Cafe guy, Mike O'Neal, and also the one I sent to him, Kavanagh and Herrold which this is in response to.


To: Liam Kavanagh
Subject: poisoning hawks in Riverside Park
Sent: May 3, 2011 09:44

Dear Mr. Kavanagh, Mr. O'neal and Mr. Herrold:

I see that this year again a Riverside Park red tailed hawk has died
from ingesting poison.

It is just beyond my comprehension why the city does not insist on
proper handling of garbage and instead allows overflowing trash to pile
up, attracting rats, and then sets out poison which kills not only the
rats but hawks.

If someone in my neighborhood like the city and the Boat Basin Cafe left
out overflowing garbage bins and easily ripped garbage bags, they would
be cited for creating a health hazard. I am glad to see that at least a
boycott of the Cafe is being called for until they clean up their practices.

Karen Anne Kolling

And Mr. O'neals response--

Dear Karen,

We have never used poison,ever, we're as concerned about the hawks

as you are. The garbage got out of control one weekend,

we share that container with the Parks Department.

We need more containers, we will get them.

Please call me if you see any problems..

Thank you for your concern,

Mike O'Neal

"Curiouser and curiouser", as Alice said.
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D. Bruce Yolton said...

It isn't just an issue of how many dumpsters there are. The large dumpster was designed for yard waste, not garbage and isn't sealed. It is placed in the dirt and the rats run in and out of it. It's rat party time starting at dusk.

Donegal Browne said...

Excellent point, Bruce. Thank you.

In the photograph I saw, the top of the dumpster had no cover, was completely open, and there were also bags of garbage on the ground.

Do I understand correctly that the rats have access from ground level through seams in the dumpster?