Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wednesday Miscellany-Stunned the Ground Squirrel, Goldfinch, Chris Crow, and Quicksilver Does Confetti

The Goldfinch have returned and are working on their breeding plumage.

Chris Crow indulges in a crow family favorite--Pasta!

I've now figured out how to get free confetti for New Year's Eve. All I have to do is supply Quicksilver with old phone book and TA DA!, he turns them into confetti.

He's happy, as obviously he loves shredding phone books, and I'm happy because I've got confetti but far better that that, if he's chewing phone books, he isn't chewing Nikon camera batteries, removing the upholstery from dining room chairs stitch by stitch, noshing pin cushions, trotting about with pins in his beak, gnawing the seals off camera lenses, ingesting the contents of the butter dish, punching beak holes in the top of Tupperware bowl lids in order to get a grip so he can pop them off and see what's inside
or making his way into the bedroom, climbing up the bed clothes, gamboling over my sleeping body, and then lifting one of my eyelids gently open by the upper lashes. Consider that view upon waking. All things he's done over the last 14 years when momentarily left to his own devices-- without a phone book.

Remember "Stunned", the Thirteen-lined Ground Squirrel who just sat there on his haunches and stared at me for ever so long? Well, upon observation, I think that Stunned has figured out that I'm the source of all goodies on the feeding floor and when he sees me, he halts activity and stares because he's waiting to see if I'm about to make another delivery of goodies.

Stunned is no dummy.

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