Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pale Male "Smiles"

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Okay, just try and tell me that Red-tail Hawks don't have facial expressions and body language beyond basic alert or relaxed.

You know, there are other reasons that Pale Male is famous beyond the fact that he picked a very media savvy crowd to watch him and publicize his antics.

He has charisma. He is interactive with humans. He is remarkably cute faced at times, in much the same way that babies of many species have the built in cute factor that presses the buttons that make their caretakers continue to be caretakers even when the going gets tough .

AND for the next few days Red-tails in Love author Marie Winn will be answering questions
on the New York Times website which hosts Bobby and Violet's Hawk Cam over at NYU

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Sally said...

Donna, I saw on Lincoln's page numerous pictures of rodenticide bait stations he says are in the are of the nest. Can anything be done to have the parks peeople remove those, at least until the babies fledge and leave the area? With all of the press this nest is receiving, I am sure they wouldnt' want the world observing the tragedy of eyasses dyiing from rodenticide like those poor babies from the Riverside nest a few yeaars ago. Though if that happened in the full view of internet nest-watchers, perhaps that would be an excellent, if extremely sad, time to finally get the public to wake up and demand safer alternatives for rodent control. I hope that does not happen.