Friday, March 04, 2011

Pale Male with a Mouse, Doorstep Dove and Friend, Plus the First Robin

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Pale Male with a tasty mouse in his beak, flies in front of his new mate, showing off the treat. He gives it to her...

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She flies over to the Carlyle, eats it, and gets into position to copulate and Pale Male as always obliges.

Why does Pale Male often bring gifts of food to his mate before copulation? Well, hungry or not, it will be cached if she isn't, she often at this stage of the game, becomes quite amiable to his attentions after a gift of food.

Could it be the same reason a male human who is courting a female human takes her out to dinner and gives her gifts?

The prevailing wisdom amongst scientists concerning why tiercels do it, is that the male is proving that he is a mighty hunter and will be a good provider for the formel and her young.

Are there buttons pushed in female humans as well by gifts?

Doorstep Dove and Friend in one of their favorite spots in the Maple tree. I'd seen Doorstep in the feeding area earlier. She is still limping but not as much as before. Plus I'd put out the remnants of Quicksilver's Nutri-berries just before she appeared, and she was eating amazingly fast even with her limp. She loves those Nutri-berry bits. Her back feathers are still ruffed up. I think she lost some of them and she ruffles them to insulate that spot better. Her tail is growing back in as are the primaries that she lost. Also notice that she looks more bright eyed and alert than she did
the last time we had a good look at her.
And as always Friend, her mate
of many years, is in attendance.

The FIRST Robin makes his appearance! Spring must be around here somewhere!

Donegal Browne

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sally said...

So glad to see Doorstep is on the mend!