Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pale Male, Ginger, Quicksilver, and NYBG Great Horned Owls

Photo courtesy of PaleMale.com For a hawk of some years Pale Male is showing no signs whatsoever of slowing down when it comes to any number of copulations per day, and over a longer period of time than usual besides. And yes, last time anyone looked it's still Ginger he is copulating with.


Ms Browne,

As Mr Blakeman implied in his recent post on Marie Winn's site, Pale Beauty must be deceased. I would think Pale Male has actual knowledge of this fact and has taken Ginger back as his mate, since his character traits have heretofore been total devotion and loyalty to his chosen nest partner. The strength of spirit and determination Red Tails exhibit as a matter of daily living make me ashamed that I complain about anything in my own life.

Quicksilver's occupation of the refrigerator nook is heartwarming. Your compassion in allowing him to do this is commendable, since I'm sure he is denying you access to the freezer door. Carry on bravely !!!

Jeff (Wild NY)

Thanks Jeff, I'll try.

You are very astute when it comes to Quicksilver. You're the first person to note that I might have access issues with the freezer door. And yes, I did eventually.

At first he was amiable enough and would step up on my hand so I could open it, get what I wanted, then put him back up, no muss no fuss. But the last time I tried it, he didn't want to get on my hand and looked rather surly, so I carefully opened the freezer door with him on it. He rode the few feet out and then jumped rather strongly onto my head.

At which point I realized it was probably a good thing that I was leaving for NYC and he was going to stay for the week at my step-son's house. That is until I arrived at his house and realized they have a cavity between their refrigerator and cupboard too. :-)

As to the Ginger, Pale Beauty, Pale Male threesome , there appears to be something very unusual going on. Remember that Pale Male was courting Ginger when Pale Beauty suddenly appeared and Ginger disappeared, then the reverse occurred. Pale Beauty disappeared and Ginger was back in place. As I've said, ordinarily Pale Male would double team with Lola to run other females out of the territory.

I think that he may have been letting Ginger and Pale Beauty duke it out between themselves without taking sides. Unless he did take sides with Pale Beauty and Ginger won anyway, by injuring Pale Beauty or worse. Then with the breeding imperative being the priority right now, Pale Male took Ginger back. It is getting later every day in the season to start afresh.

For whatever reason this situation appears to be atypical in Pale Male's history. Perhaps a more seasoned and hawk socialized female would have bowed out by now. Or there may be something else going on that we haven't even gotten a glimmer of yet.

I do hope we find out what is happening very soon.

Spare females often attempt to invade Peregrine nests. There are a number of cases when it comes to eagles as well. So far no one has sent in a single RTH case, though.

Did something serious happen to Pale Beauty? If so, what?

We just have to keep our eyes open and try to accept what nature, through the hawks, brings us.

Friends: Earlier today, I saw two, yes TWO fluffy white heads in the owl tree. I've attached a cropped image, but If you want to see the photo without the ridiculously large letters, click this link. http://flic.kr/p/9tLddK Here's video. I apologize for the shaky quality but at that far distance, the camera will move no matter how much I brace myself on the wooden fence. http://youtu.be/yOIvydcS0LI Pat Gonzalez Donegal Browne

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