Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pale Male and Pale Beauty and Rose and Vince of Fordham Get Going For Hawk Season

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Look at he white feathers on the top of Pale Beauty's head. I think she may have some leucistic feathers there as well as on her "cheeks". (Click on the photo twice to go to an enlargement for this and the next two for a larger view.)

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For an interesting comparison of reverse sexual dimorphism, compare the size and girth of Pale Beauty's feet and tarsi with those of Pale Male below.

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Foot and leg stretched forward. One of Pale Male's signature stances. Tristan used to do this as well but less often as tucking a foot up was his signature stance. I thought at first, as a foot was tucked so often even in summer that something must be wrong with it. No, Tristan was just very laid back and relaxed until he had a reason to be something else.

Photo by Richard Fleisher
Rose doing some housekeeping on Collins Hall at Fordham.

Find hawk watcher and photographer Rich Fleisher's commentary below--


The start of another breeding season for the Fordham Red Tails. I saw both Rose and Vince at the Collins Hall nest. They were in the trees and on various structures in the area around the nest site both during the morning and the afternoon. I have posted a good number of pictures on my
flickr page but here is one taken this morning of Rose sprucing up the nest.


Donegal Browne

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