Saturday, February 26, 2011

New York City Ravens, and Orelia, the Screech Owl

From Jeff Kollbrunner--the Raven's Nest....

Here are two more images showing the Queens, NY Raven nest. The photos are two different angles of the same nest. This is now the fourth nest the Ravens have started it looks to be the one they will complete and the best of the four. They are constructing it on the same level as the other three, this one however is on the Southerly side of the water tower and provides great light for photography. The other three attempted nests were all in the shadow of the water tank itself and on the northerly side. It is clear that they were able to find a spot that they can attach their branches to much better than the previous attempts and progress is now being made. This afternoon while I was there with my camera the Ravens were not around, of course when I visited briefly this morning without a camera one of them was present.

As for Mama and Papa, they continue to finalize their nest in the white pine tree. This morning they were on the nest and of course at that time I didn't have my camera with me as with the Ravens. This afternoon they were off in the far distance relaxing on top of some very tall apartment buildings well out of camera range. They have been copulating now for a number of weeks and will soon overnight in the nest. Last year Mama started to overnight on February 28th we will see what she will do this year.

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If memory serves, Mama and Papa tend to have an earlier hatch than some other pairs in the city. Last year they hatched three eggs, one eyass died on the nest, one disappeared possibly due to Great Horned Owl predation and the third fledged successfully and even managed to make it back to the nest after fledging. Last year was very tough on eyasses all over the area.

Red phase Screech Owl

A few days ago, I got an email from Jane of Georgia and she mentioned it appeared that an owl had taken to her box. I immediately asked if we might have a photo of the Screech and I'm hoping she'll keep us updated on Orelia's owl adventures. Her first hurtle is taken care of with the possession of a "cavity".

Hi Donegal –

Thanks for your interest in my new owl. Here is a snapshot of little Orelia, my screech owl. She has apparently (and lucky for me) decided that my owl box is a great “seasonal rental”. I put the owl box up three years ago, and just like that (J), here she is! I’ve seen her at her door like this both at dawn and dusk, I have not seen a male around and have not heard any screeching calls. This is my first real experience with an owl in my back yard, so I have a lot of reading up to do!

(Since she has been here only three days or so, this is as close as I wanted to get to her. As the days go by, I’m hoping she gets more accustomed to me being around her and I’ll be able to get some better pictures.)

(I live just north of Atlanta)

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