Friday, January 07, 2011

Are Valkyrie, Previously of Tompkins Square Park , and Pale Male's New Girl the Same Hawk?

Photograph of Valkyrie of Tompkins Square Park, 2009, by Francois Portmann

I just received a very interesting email from Sally of Kentucky suggesting a possibility I'd not thought of previously.

HI Donna.
Just musing, when I saw Lincoln's pic
[on Lincoln Karim's site, , post of January 5, 2011, D.B.] of the possible new consort, I noted how DARK a bird it was for an Eastern race, and its intense eyes reminded me of Valkyrie. I know it is probably not really possible to compare juvenile and adult plumage and markings like the darkness of the patagial crescents but it is an interesting thought...perhaps Valkyrie stayed around, or returned as an adult?


It's possible and stranger things have happened. Particularly as Valkyrie was very human habituated and did very well in an urban setting.

I've emailed Francois Portmann who was a major watcher and main photographer of Valkyrie asking if she was around at all in her adult plumage in 2010, just in case. I have a feeling that would be making things far too easy.

But Sally is correct, Valkyrie and Pale Male's new friend are both extremely dark which isn't all that common in the east.

Did anyone else in NYC, happen to take a photograph of an extremely dark young adult Red-tailed Hawk in NYC after the 2009/2010 molt?

Get in touch.


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