Monday, November 01, 2010

Lola Hunts from Sally of Kentucky

Photo by Sally of Kentucky
The Beresford from across The Great Lawn

The large brown bird on the tower of the Beresford.
(See post two down, if you didn't catch the beginning of the saga.)

Photo by Sally of Kentucky
The "brown bird" on the tower, larger.

As Sally pointed out in a later email. This bird has the characteristic, pale backpack stripes of a Red-tailed Hawk.

The Beresford is within Pale Male and Lola's territory. They tend to do mornings on the west side of the park and afternoons tend toward the east side where their nest site is.

It isn't completely unheard of for a mature Red-tail that isn't Pale Male and Lola to be around this area in Central Park but this bird is completely exposed, and just looking at her even at this distance, I'm betting she is Lola.

There is more of a differentiation in color between Pale Male's head and his back.

Photo by Sally of Kentucky
The "brown bird" on the tower in flight.
It's Lola. The belly band is visible even from this distance and the head is brown as opposed to golden as Pale Male's is.

Photo by Sally of Kentucky
The Wood Ducks at The Point.
And a couple of true beauties they are. What a treat!

Donegal Browne

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