Friday, October 01, 2010

the Sandhill Cranes Scrum Continues, Blue Jays Arguing, and a Weird Squirrel

Taking up where we left off, Claire and Jamie have managed to get ahead of Baffled though J and C seem to be overlapping each other during the endeavor. Bright seems to find this hopeful and has actually flown a bit closer to the group.

Baffled brakes a little.

Jamie extends his lead.

But Baffled now slides under Claire.

Progress but still rather scrum like...more to come in the sequence.

So what's this about Blue Jays, you ask?

October 18th, I saw my first Blue Jays in Wisconsin since last Fall's migration. For whatever reason, quite possibly West Nile Virus, there appear to be few to none Blue Jays during the breeding season in this area. And it isn't as if they don't speak up or are hard to find if they're around. And example being the pair I saw, screaming at each other and having an aerial battle.
Many people believe that Blue Jays don't migrate. They do. It's just that the Jays seen in the winter aren't the same ones that you see in your area during the breeding season. The population doesn't suddenly all go to South America or something, each local population appears to just slide a bit south come Fall.

I thought the pair on the 18th might be my only sighting as there are ever so many fewer than there used to be.

But no, today I looked out the patio door and there were two beauties eyeing the feeding area.

They got down to serious eating.

Suddenly one looked up and stared.

Which seemed to make the second do the same. Number One then nipped a sunflower seed out from in front of Number Two while he was looking up. Then possibly because the camera made a sound Number Two took to his wings.

Ah, oh, busted by Number One as well.

Though not to be intimidated, she first turned her back, took a beat and then flew off.

And then there was the weird squirrel, who hung by her back feet with her front feet on the ground for at least 30 minutes after I first noticed her. Now it was a pleasant day, and the sun was shining on her directly, but somehow it just seemed an unusual position to take a sun bath.
Any thoughts?


Karen Anne said...

Squirrel, was there maybe some predator around that she had noticed but you hadn't.

Donegal Browne said...

Good point, Karen, he was rather in a freeze, and at least to my eye in a somewhat awkward position for just hanging out. But perfectly capable of racing round to the other side of the tree trunk had a predator made an advance.