Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Downed RT at Fordham and Also One at Fifth and 60th, Kay of Tulsa, Fledgling Lunch, John Blakeman

Photo by Cheryl Cavert
Kay flies by KJRH Tulsa--Many more photos of Kay, Jay, and their youngster coming as my health permits.

I took vacation days on Thursday and Friday, and just heard about it now. I was told that a hawk was found unable to fly on Friday, and the police came. I don't know if this was a late fledge, or whether one of the young or adults were injured or ingested poison. Pat couldn't tell me anything more. Campus Security says that a bird was taken by the police.


Good citizen Felix De Los Santos picked up and took a young fledgling that had flown into a building in for medical care . He found her at Fifth and 60th.

No news yet on her condition but my question is what nest could the fledgling have come from? Obviously it didn’t come from Pale Male and Lola’s nest at 927 Fifth Ave. Have Charlotte and Junior been holding out on us? Are they using a second nest that we don’t know about? It she from a pair with a nest further east?

Photo by Robert B. Schmunk
A head’s up from hawkwatcher Mitch Nusbaum-

Swindler Cove eyass lunch on Flickr (link below) also from Highbridge. I also imaged a piece of a Pigeon which fell to the ground. The other kid came by and took her turn 5 minutes later

The photos are from Rob Schmunk on his flicker site
Rob’s blog is http://bloomingdalevillage.blogspot.com/

An email from Robin of Illinois captioned--
Bulletin - Blakeman anthropomorphisizes!
Another great essay from Blakeman concerning Red-tail behavior on a blog which focuses on the Franklin Institute nest-

Donegal Browne

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