Saturday, May 01, 2010


Isolde isn't returning and so Norman give ste feeding thing a shot. And so far no one is squashed.

Where is Isolde anyway?

Isolde is on Gabriel. She flew north with her meal then made her surreptitious way south and got onto Gabriel from the back side of the Cathedral where Norman would not have seen her do it. She has been taking her well needed ease on Gab before going back to sleeping with the three wiggley eyasses.

8:05PM Isolde flies off Gab and takes herself back to the nest. She left the nest at 6:35PM and returned at 8:05 PM. She's going to be having Norman doing the last feeding of the day every day before he even knows what hit him. And she'll have her nice long evening break just the way she has always preferred.

So that's part of the way you train a young mate to your preferences.
Bruce Yolton was also on site today and took some very nice video, check it out on
Donegal Browne

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