Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Urban Mourning Doves vs Rural Mourning Doves, Hawk Names

Photo by Peter Richtor
By a landslide meet the Woodside Hawks-- HARRY...

Photo by Peter Richter http://queensraptors.blogspot.com/

REGARDING THE 1 FIFTH HAWKS- Zach Lemle reports as of Monday the 29th the pair was still working on the nest.

The votes have been tallied and the winning names are ARCHIE AND WHITNEY.

NOW TO THE UNISPHERE HAWKS--I received one suggestion-- Peace for the male and Love for the female. What do you think?

Photo by Carol Vinzant
Carol Vinzant our resident expert on all things squirrel, also has something to say about Mourning Doves--the urban version. They don't seem to be nearly as discrete as the rural ones.

My fire escape mourning doves have been a lot less discreet than yours. They went through a ritual of puffing up, nuzzling then mating right in front of me.

They started coming to my window sill when I got a cardinal for a few days and started putting out sunflower seeds.
Sometimes they show up just a few minutes after I open my curtain.

They also realize that when I knock on the window I'm driving away the pigeons, not them.
They will sometimes defend the area from pigeons, but flee from squirrels.

Carol Vinzant
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Mourning Doves are interesting when it comes to defense and offense. Coming soon--the first of the season's BATTLE OF THE BATH, after the Robins were ousted from the bird bath by Grackles, a Mourning Dove faced them off and got her drink no matter those scary faced glaring Grackles.

Donegal Browne


Karen Anne said...

For a minute there, I thought you were going to say Harry and Bess. Shows how old I am :-)

sally said...

I like Peace and Love. Suits the "Unisphere" theme