Monday, March 15, 2010

John Blakeman, Video of Charlotte and Pale Male Jr., An Eagle's History

Photo by Donna Browne
02-28-2010 Lola stands in the bowl of her nest, the sides of which appear more substantial this season.
John Blakeman, on this season and Pale Male and Lola's nest on Marie Winn's blog-
And John identifies the mystery hawk in yesterday's NYBG post--

The hawk in the photo is almost surely a sharp-shinned hawk. It's size, coloration, sitting posture, and outline are pure sharpie. And hoards of sharpies are now in migration northward.

--John Blakeman

The amazing history that can be tracked from a numbered band on a bird's leg!

From Robin of Illinois--
T>From a r
eference on the Blackwater Eagle Cam Web Log.

I emailed Brett Odom, he of the ringside seat on the 888 nest, asking how things were going with Charlotte and Pale Male Jr. Here is what Brett had to say and he even sent along a video---I just love the way Charlotte walks!

Hi Donna.

Charlotte and Junior have been very busy at the nest. I see them both every day that I am at work. I have attached a video that I took of both Charlotte and Junior back in January when Junior first showed up from his "vacation".

Charlotte is the obvious hawk on the left while Junior is behind the glass. You will notice a twig move on the right side of the nest at about the 4 second mark and you can faintly see him back there rearranging the nest.

According to my records, the 2007 egg showed up on April 1 and the 2009 egg appeared on March 24. So we are getting close to brooding time.


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