Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jeff Kollbrunner of is one of those who has been watching the nesting Ravens in Queens. He's sent along some pictures for us to enjoy

I've included four images of the Queens, NY Ravens and their 2009 and 2010 nest.

Two of the images are from 2009 when we first discovered the nest. One image is a close up of the Raven on the grass and the other is one of the Ravens sitting in the 2009 nest.

The other two images were taken on March 20, 2010 as one of the Ravens just landed next to the nest, you can see the wing of the second Raven in the nest just to the right and the second image as the Raven enters the nest.

They are using the same nest from 2009 for 2010, the nest looks about the same at first glance but it has been built up since 2009. For the protection and safety of the Ravens we are being very general about their location.

I will be updating my website for the first time since last October to be completed this week and will continue to post updates and images on a regular basis once again. There will be updates and images on Mama and Papa as they're entering their 25th day of nesting for the 2010 season. I will also post additional images of the Ravens and the Yellow-billed Cuckoo that has also visited Queens, NY.

All the best, Jeff

Thanks Jeff, and Readers don't forget to check out his site once it is updated. By the way, for those who are new readers, Mama and Papa are the pair of very successful urban Red-tails that Jeff and his wife Anna have followed for many many years.


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