Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Who's nest is this?

Technical difficulties are limiting the blog this evening therefore, it's time to NAME THAT SPECIES.
1. Which species crafted this nest?
2. What were some of the materials used?
The location is a small tree near the Rock River.


Anonymous said...

Oriole? But I'm not sure which one. The materials look like ribbon and possibly Easter basket "grass" filler.

sally said...


Anonymous said...

Baltimore Oriole? In with the grass, man-made materials have also been incorporated.

Donegal Browne said...

I did like the Easter Basket grass touch. And if you look carefully there is also a goodly amount of nylon fishing line woven in. Which makes sense in a nest in a park where fishing takes place along the river.

It isn't the easiest to decide on species as it is an overwintered nest, but I'm leaning toward Baltimore Oriole.

I've a couple of species specific illustrations for tonight's blog so we can all have a look.