Thursday, February 04, 2010

NYBG Catch, and Part Two of Door Step Dove Plus Rabbit, Crow, and CatTracks

The next day when I looked out to check for Crows, I didn't find any but I did find Birdbath Kitty helping himself to the goodies on the stump, snow covered or not. Hope he likes stale corn flakes.

From the photographing Pat Gonzalez of the New York Botanical Gardens.

Here are more photos from my latest adventure at the NY Botanical Garden.

One of the best spots for observing water fowl seems to be the section of the Bronx River just off the Snuff Mill Road Overpass right up to the tunnel going to the Bronx Zoo. The extra-friendly male wood duck was there again and he was nice enough to let me take another close-up photo. I LOVE his colors!

Photo by Pat Gonzalez
As friendly as the duck was, the hooded mergansers were a different story. If I even breathed too heavy, they swim away, so I hid from their sight, walking directly behind a tree on the river bank. Then I got my camera ready, leaned out, and quickly snapped this photo. Right now, this is the closest shot I've ever taken of these birds.

Later, I found my pal again. The male great-horned owl. Look at those talons.

Pat Gonzalez

Male Wood Duck at the NYBG by Pat Gonzalez

And here is Pat's previous shot of the male Wood Duck which I hadn't managed to convince Blogger to put up until today.

Donegal Browne

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