Saturday, February 27, 2010

M Nest Comparison, The Effect of Cheese on Quicksilver, and Blackwater Eagles Have a Hatch!

The M nest from last season, 2/14/2010 6:08PM
This is the nest two weeks ago.

The M nest from last season 2/14/2010 5:58pm
And this is the more current model.

Unfortunately both days in which I had a chance to photograph the nest were rather late in the day so the clarity isn't what it might be. But in the latest version if you look carefully there appear to be two or three sticks in which the ends are pale, as if they were freshly broken from a tree. This isn't visible in the nest from two weeks ago, even though the time of day and therefore the light is at least somewhat similar.

I'm slightly heartened that work may be being done on it.

ATTENTION LOCAL ROCK RIVER EAGLE VIEWERS- There has been some concern that only one Eagle is being sighted along the river instead of the usual two. The reason only one is being seen at a time is likely that the other is sitting on their nest.

So far I've not talked to anyone who knows where the nest is located, if you know please let me know. My second option is to attempt to get a hold of a small boat and reconnoiter for the nest's location by water. Anyone with a boat who'd like to join in the adventure?

Quicksilver and I cool our heels in the Milwaukee Airport on Friday. Metaphorically of course Silver doesn't really have much in the way of heels being zygodyctal.
And no that isn't mu nose it is someones are in the foreground.

Unfortunately this cooling of heels wasn't because our flight was delayed by weather in NYC. It was delayed on the shall we say whim of the corporate office. In the past I've had great experiences with Midwest Airlines. The employees were very friendly and helpful, the seats were commodious comfy leather, the food was very good, and the chocolate chip cookies yummy. But that was before Midwest was taken over by Republic. Hiss. The employees being mostly Midwesterners are still friendly and helpful but the seats have shrunk to pretzel presses, there is never enough food to go around, and horror of horrors I think they've changed the recipe for the cookies.

Okay Silver and I could have lived through all that but yesterday after we'd all been loaded into a nearly full plane, a voice comes over the intercom explaining that gosh, we aren't going to be taking off on time after all, because corporate has decided that we're going to wait around an hour or so for some employees to get here so they can deadhead to NYC. WHAT?

A planeload of paying customers is going to wait for employees to get on at some unspecified time because the corporate headquarters is penny pinching? Clueless about courtesy? Their convenience is more important that ours? And of course the time is unspecified though they said an hour know.

What does this have to do with birds? Well Silver was as usual traveling with me and Silver travels in the plane's cabin inside a case that fits under the seat. Dandy for a certain amount of time, but we'd already done a flight from Madison to Milwaukee, laid over 45 minutes--Okay Silver did draw a crowd five deep by talking to them and counting fingers, doing his part in educating the public about bird brains not having quite the same definition as it once did but by the time we got on the plane to NYC we were ready to get on with it.

We sat the first hour, Silver having already eaten his supply of apples and nutri-berries and feeling no flight vibration as a real lack of travel progress, he never talks while the flight is actually underway, began quietly to say--"Want cheese", in a little voice wafting up from under the seat. He repeated it a little louder and a little grumpier, "Want CHEESE". I offer some more nutri-berries and he made a quiet but somewhat disgusting spitting noise. My, my we are grumpy aren't we? (Good thing my seat mate, liked birds and had a sense of humor, hey?)

By this point the folks had decided to let us deplane and wait. Better than sitting in the pretzel benders but the kicker was you had to take all your carry on baggage with you. Sigh. Better than having Silver graduate to mimicking the smoke alarm for sure. So off we go lugging our stuff: parrot in case, camera equipment, computer bag with a half dozen external hard drives, in search of you guessed it- CHEESE.

Now we could have gotten a ham and cheese sandwich from one of the little kiosks, but the last time I did that in Milwaukee I got food poisoning. Tomaine not being in my current plan, we walked farther and there was a place that sold nachos. Ah HA! Nachos have cheese. We get the nachos. We take them back to the gate, and Silver puts on another show, albeit a rather unintentional one. This one is called (Drum Roll, please) Watch the Parrot Eat Nachos. Many photos were taken, the crowd had something to do, we got back on the plane, the long awaited missing employees showed up, FINALLY. We took off and most of the rest of the passengers were treated to many free cocktails in hopes they'd forget their ordeal.

Now it's not that I have anything in particular against alcohol, it's just that after two sips I tend to fall down and who needs that so I don't ever drink. And please, can you imagine a drunken parrot? Not good, not good at all.

So beyond the suddenly boisterous passengers we made it to LaGuardia, didn't have to stand on the bus back to the city, though it looked close there for a minute, and about 12 hours after leaving Milton we got to the apartment in NYC. And Silver wasn't really the worse for wear at all. Ta da! The wonders of cheese.

Blackwater Eagle News from Robin of Illinois--

Thursday afternoon, the papa eagle brought a fish to the nest. This is often, as noted, a sign that there is about to be a hatch, and today, one egg was seen with a hole in it and the hatching process, a slow process, has begun!

Screen Capture, Robin of Illinois
First Blackwater hatch of the season. Hatchlings are a wonder; such a teeny little thing that turns into a great big eagle if all goes well.

Donegal Browne

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