Monday, January 04, 2010

Red-tail Update: The Franklin Institute

Photos courtesy of Hawkwatch at the Franklin Institute, link below
The Franklin Institute is flapping their hawks are back!
From the blog of Della Micah, Hawkwatch at the Franklin Institute...
When Gene Mancini posted this Christmas Day message on the Hawkaholics Facebook page -

"Merry Christmas everyone. Our Pair have been very close to the building the last two weeks, and spending lots of time in the nest."

- hawkaholics everywhere were excited to learn that the parent haggards were clearly interested in their nest and the surrounding area.

So Kay Meng and I decided to go down to the Franklin Institute last Monday to see if we could see the haggards for ourselves. It was a gray, windy, winter morning and after about 30 minutes of wandering around checking out all the usual spots where we had seen the hawks during the summer and fall, we had to get out of the frigid wind and warm up. We sat in the window of a little coffee shop behind the Institute where we could look out onto the Parkway and watched the corner of the building where the nest is.

Suddenly we saw that familiar wing flap, white underbelly and red tail as a haggard zoomed in and disappeared across the front of the building. We raced out to the street in front of the nest...
(There's the teaser. Now click on the link for more!)
Donegal Browne

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