Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Thunder Snow Storm Plus a Pyewackit Update

I can't stay on long as I'm in the middle of a Thunder Snow Storm and don't want to take the chance of surging out the computer. Thunder Snow Storms just don't or rather didn't happen. They are remarkably unusual here. I've yet to figure out why they don't happen as often as regular thunder storms but will keep looking for the explanation. The first TSS anyone can remember occurred the year before last and this evening there is another huge one going on.

The digital camera takes the flakes and I suspect because it catches the aura of sparkling light around the flake, turns them into something similar in shape and even color at times to soap bubbles--nearly a foot so far.

Earlier I looked out when it was only snowing moderately and noticed a lump up on the Crow's Goodie Stump. I turned on the outside light but it's circle didn't illuminate much. Still a large lump. A raccoon? So I grabbed the camera and went out and I was surprised that what ever it was stayed. Some will remember I originally saw Pyewacket out on the stump eating pasta. And this visitor turned out to be a cat as well, only this one is large and chubby. Whether this is a neighbor's cat out for a snow romp or a stray, I assume will become clear eventually.

Speaking of Pyewackit, here is a much filled out Pye compared with the initial version when she first came in out of the cold. Also giving me a look, she isn't partial to the camera--she is partial to my giving her the catnip that she's asking for, which I'd fully expect from her namesake who lived with a witch in the comic play, Bell, Book, and Candle.
More as weather and electricity permit.
Donegal Browne

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Beyond The Garden said...

Your snow orbs are great! I've watched this storm from Tahoe where my children live. At our home here in the Mid Ohio Valley, we only had the tremendous wind. I lost electric 3 times while typing my blog yesterday. You were smart not to stay on long.