Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Janesville WI Bald Eagle Update

When I drove down Racine street, even before I got to the lumber yard, I could see a lump in the eagles favorite late afternoon tree. I was afraid I was being fooled by a big lump of leaves or a squirrel drey but rounding the corner to the boat launch turn in, there she was. At least I think it is Jane. Without Rock to compare her with, there is no way so far to be 100% sure yet.

I do think she's beginning to recognize me. Still grumpy looking when she gives me the binoc double eye scrutiny but there is perhaps also just a faint whiff of interest in her face too.
She stares steadily in the opposite direction from mine. That's rather new too, particularly without a second bird to keep an eye on me while she does it. Of course she may be making eye contact with Rock who I don't see but perhaps he can see both of us..
A flock of pigeons wheels above the river and below Jane who gives them the eye.
Then she stares off to the sport field, (while still looking at me with her near eye), where I understand Rock likes to perch/hunt during the day. I'm not sure what he is hunting but that's what I'm told.
Now she focuses on something upriver which I cannot see for the bend which puts trees between me and whatever it is.
Then she is looking down. Has she been watching a fish?
Then suddenly Jane goes into horizontal alert mode.
3:47pm she is up and flying on those big wings beside the trees on the far side of the river, then across the river to my side but obscured by the lumber yard. I wait. I want a little boat so I can follow her.
It is getting darker, soon it will be too dark to see them if they pass by. Just then an eagle, it could be either but I think this one is Rock or the possible mysterious possible third, not Jane at any rate, flies by the Favorite Tree and goes deeper into the distance on the far side. They'll be roosting soon. Snow is forecast for tonight, but we have not had ice in the river yet so I imagine they will be staying awhile yet as they have open water. It is cold and the wind is up. I drive away and leave the town.
And on one side of the sky there is a luminous moon...
...and on on the other a prairie sunset.
Donegal Browne


beakerless said...

I just saw a mature bald eagle following the river toward downtown Janesville. It was flying low over the Racine St bridge.

Donegal Browne said...

Alright Beakerless, thanks for the update! Time to go Eagling in Janesville again.

beakerless said...

April 30th saw a mature Bald Eagle fishing the river near the Library and Racine St Bridge in Janesville. On May 1st we were walking the Spring Brook Trail and saw a mature Bald Eagle scoop up a fish and fly into the trees near the bridge at the beginning of the trail. Near Marling Lumber yard. Not sure if it was a male or female but it was awesome.

beakerless said...

By the way 12 years ago I was working as a Wisconsin Conservation Corps crew leader. My crew worked with the DNR Endangered Resources crew. We did a lot of habitat restoration and I got a chance to watch Bald Eagles fishing the Wisconsin River near Sauk City but the only place we ever saw them in Rock County was on Walthers Road. We restored a small oak savannah on the Rock River. We cut and burned in the winter and the Bald Eagles would fish the river where it didn't freeze up near the power plant. Sure didn't think I would be watching one near Marshall Apts where I live but it gives me incentive even when I am in the worst pain to get out on the bike trail.