Thursday, December 17, 2009

Doorstep and Friend Mourning Dove

(Sorry about the photo quality. I'm shooting into the dark through double paned glass without a tripod.)
It was about 45 minutes after sunset and so quite dark, when I looked out the patio door and gave myself a little mini heart attack. Was that Doorstep the Mourning Dove sitting out on the bath alone at this time of night? If so what has happened to Friend her mate. Possibly he had just left but I had a bad feeling.

Earlier in the day I'd seen Doorstep in the feeding area without Friend, a rare occurrence outside breeding season, and wondered where he was. I grabbed the camera and zoomed in to double check.

Whew, that was a relief, they were both there snuggled together on the bath much in the manner they had often sat together when first mated the winter of three years ago.

While I watched, Doorstep got up from beside Friend, went to the center of the bowl, leaned over, and drank.

Friend turns toward Doorstep, is startled by me in the doorway, and takes off.

Doorstep's head comes up, gives me a look, we bob heads at each other, and she too is gone to roost. I'm glad they were warm when they went to roost anyway. I suspect that they snuggle together on their roost perch too. It's a good thing as it's now only 7 degrees F.
Donegal Browne

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