Monday, November 02, 2009

Cheryl Cavert on Tulsa's Art Deco Red-tailed Hawks

Photo by Cheryl Cavert
From Tulsa hawkwatcher and photographer Cheryl Cavert--
A few days ago I spotted a hawk again at Boston Avenue UMC on the glass panels at the very top of the tower.

Photo by Cheryl Cavert
I went back the next morning and again spotted a hawk perched high, near the top right below the glass panels.

Photo by Cheryl Cavert
The coloring looked a little different than the one I had seen a week earlier-lighter eyes and paler belly band.

Photo by Cheryl Cavert
I looked around and a block away on a cell tower, was the other adult!

Hopefully over the next few months I can track down their nesting site and will send on any updates of Tulsa's RT hawks.

Hurrah! Go Cheryl. I can't wait for any news. If they choose the church it is a beautiful place for a nest to be photographed. Though as we've found with the taller buildings in NYC, the angles and sightlines can sometimes be tough for observation but well worth the effort.
Not to jump too far ahead but I was wondering that if the hawks did nest successfully on the church, what is the area on ground level like for fledglings coming off the nest? Is there a green space?

What about walk by traffic of pedestrians who might turn into guardians or new budding hawkwatchers?

Have you had a chance to note what prey are in the area?

And lastly, Edward of Dallas very much liked your photographs and asked what kind of camera and set up you use to get them.

Donegal Browne

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