Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Doorstep Dove and Friend, Mystery Nest, and Turning Geese

For those who asked how Doorstep Dove and Friend are doing-- Here they are as of today with one of their youngsters from this season, eating away at the feeding ground.
(As blogger put its foot down about adding more photographs to this post, the beginning of the sequence of the three doves will appear in tomorrow's post.)

The camera clicked and Friend gave me the "look". I bobbed my head as doves do and he went back to his dinner. I don't know if that move works with all doves who take the moment to look before fleeing, but it certainly works with Doorstep and Friend. So far the juvenile hasn't looked at me through the glass.

Bowne Gate, Drew University, New Jersey-
Courtesy of
This is where my daughter, Sam, goes to college. The school now and again sends parents information about the latest doings on campus. The latest offering included this photograph which if you'll look on top of the bovine guy on the lefts head, includes a nest.

Of course I wanted it to be a hawk's nest but obviously it isn't. Wrong materials and not nearly big enough. Nor is it pigeon or Robin. I'm thinking House Sparrow. Does anyone have a vote for something else?

The Canada Geese are still flying over. Here are four doing a turn.

Then lining up again for a longer haul.

Donegal Browne
My sincere apologies to Josef for my accidental use of his photograph with an incorrect credit and therefore without permission. Josef please do get in touch. You can email me directly by clicking on the contact button.

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