Saturday, October 10, 2009

Creatures Dawn to Dusk-Steam the Red-tail Comes in for a Landing

Actually this photograph belongs between the next two. So imagine it in it's proper place. (Still adjusting to the the new programs. Arg! And for whatever reason I can only place three photos on each post????)

5:43PM Wings undulate. The mid-wing sinks, "finger tips up", the angle of the body becomes more acute as the legs and talons extend. Misjudging the complicated coordination in this moment and going in leaning too far back and ending up hanging by their feet swinging in the wind, is a common mistake of newly fledged eyasses. Whereas adults make it look remarkably easy.

Smooth as silk. Snick. With split second timing, knees bend, talons grip, and Steam peeks around the branch.

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